Monday, November 30, 2009

Coooookie Crisp!!!

Fanart de Chip el lobo, mascota de los cereales Cookie Crisp

¿Por qué los anuncios de cereales están plagados de niños egoístas que nunca comparten sus cereales? ¡Pobre Chip!

Ahora dejadle comerse sus cereales en paz... ¡pobrecito!

Fanart about Chip the wolf, mascot of the cereals Cookie Crisp

Man, why are all the comercials full of selfish kids that never share their cereals? Poor Chip!

So, now let him eat his cereals in peace... poor cutie!


Gonzalo said...

Parece un preso el lobo jajaja. Muy bonito ;)

Chris Sobieniak said...

Such a cool drawing.

A few years back, an ad that was produced here had Chip now redesigned without his clothes on anymore, so it ends up looking too generic a character.

Roka said...

D'awwws. Cute wuffie finally gets some cereal <3

Mean kids. D:

Anonymous said...

Adri said...

Thank you everybody for your nice comments about this illustration :)